Frame TelevisionsIs it a TV or is it a picture? Samsung have created a perfect range of incredible frame televisions meeting the demand for industrial design for the home. Once turned off, the frame screen turns into a work of art, suited for your social life, removing the large black rectangle from your wall.

QLED and OLED - QLED televisions are simply LED TV’s that use quantum dots to create enhanced performance, giving truer blacks and brightness levels in key performance areas. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, simply, organic compounds that light up when fed electricity. OLED TV’s can be made thinner and flexible compared to QLED – a choice to be considered before purchase.

Full HD - Also known as 1080p, a full HD screen features over 2 million pixels and we feature a large range of televisions from many manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and LG.

4K Ultra HDWith a 4K TV, stunning TV will be the talk of the house, with over 8 million pixels creating fantastic picture quality up to four times better than a full HD television. Not sure what to shop for? Try LG – one of the top brands on the market. Sony also bring that fantastic movie theatre experience to your home.

Curved Screens - Enjoy an immersive viewing experience from our curved TV range, giving a wider viewing profile, more depth and a richer contrast performance.