Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Past Those Of The 3DS

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the company’s hottest sellers with Nintendo reported that it has sold four million more Switch consoles than its popular 3DS. That’s almost 80 million units since it was introduced back in 2017. This has also inspired a renewed interest in handheld gaming consoles which has prompted game developers to create a new selection of dedicated games for the Switch console.

      While a major part of the Nintendo Switch’s success this past year can be attributed to the pandemic and more people spending more time at home, Nintendo points out the fact that popular games such as Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3D World, and others are fuelling sales And, with production of the Nintendo 3DS handheld ended as of September 2020 with 75.94 million units sold worldwide, we can expect Nintendo Switch sales to continue to climb.

Nintendo Switch Demand Up 40%

     Nintendo offers the Switch and the lower-priced Switch Lite, both of which are excellent gaming handhelds in their own right. But with millions of units being sold worldwide and demand for these handhelds up by almost 40% this year already, could Nintendo see shortages and possibly even delays in production as a result of a lack of raw materials?

     Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo's president, has stated that despite industry-wide shortages, Nintendo has the ability to producing the devices. In fact, Nintendo expects to sell more than 26.5 million Nintendo Switch devices this year alone. And, with no plans to launch a successor any time soon, the Nintendo Switch could become Nintendo’s top selling gaming system of all time.

How many more units will Nintendo need to sell to do that? Let’s take a look:

·        Wii - 101.63 million units

·        Nintendo DS - 154.02 million units

·        Game Boy Advance - 81.51 million units

·        Game Boy - 118.69 million units


With that being said, many industry analysts are already forecasting shortages not only of the gaming system, but of the games themselves. For many, this means purchasing the Nintendo Switch while it is still available and getting their favourite games now.

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