Upgrade Your Home For The New Year With Technology

If you are thinking about living more comfortably in the new year, especially during the prolonged pandemic situation, it’s time to upgrade your life by adding some new technological elements to your home. By adding the latest smart devices to your current home entertainment setup, staying at home will be safer and a lot more entertaining.

Gaming- depending on your budget, it’s time to replace your gaming consoles. Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or a new graphics card can improve your gaming experience. Upgrade your Internet if you want to have more stable multiplayer or game streaming sessions. If possible, you need to keep your connection wired, because it’s more reliable and faster compared to using a wireless data connection.

Audio- upgrading your audio system is easy and you can begin by adjusting the placement and positioning of your speakers. Place speakers at the most strategic spots, so they can simulate dynamic surround sound audio. Placing speakers near a wall may improve their low-frequency output, but it could also degrade audio precision and bass agility. Upgrading to a new set of high-definition audio speakers will increase the performance of your home entertainment system.

4K Television- choose an optimal screen size of 4k television, by measuring the seating distance. This should improve immersion while you are watching TV. HDR (High Dynamic Range) produces better colours and more dramatic contrast, compared to standard displays. This means that the colour palette is wider, whites are brighter, and blacks are darker. Televisions with a 120Hz refresh rate are more suitable for watching movies and gaming. The TV should also have HDCP compatibility, so it’s compatible with various UHD Blu-ray players.

Video Doorbell- add a doorbell system with built-in video. This should add another layer of security because you know who’s at your door before answering it. Video doorbells already have reasonable price-point, and they are easy to install. You can secure your home without spending much money. More advanced systems have a night vision camera, so you will easily see although it’s dark outside.

Smart Shades- with smart shades, you can save money on cooling and heating costs. Automated shades could work with light and temperature sensors to regulate the brightness level and temperature inside your interior. This can enhance your 4K TV viewing experience.

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